cover3War between Britain and her former colony. An American superweapon with one critical flaw. An eccentric genius who just might change the face of war forever.

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England has watched her former colony America grow strong and prosperous. The vast Texas oil fields and newly discovered Yukon gold veins are irresistible targets for conquest. King George puts England on a war footing to reclaim the Americas.

Meanwhile, the US Army has developed Beowulf, a coal-fed, steam-powered, autonomous tank. It carries enough firepower to face a small army, and has an eight hundred and thirty horsepower engine, driving twin treads of woven steel. It also carries the consciousness of Colonel Browning, America’s foremost military strategist. Or rather, it will carry his consciousness, assuming a mechanical brain can be finalized in time.

Brilliant but eccentric inventor Nikola Tesla is a master of electricity in all its forms, but a poor businessman. After being cheated by Thomas Edison, he finds himself digging ditches until the Army asks for his help in finishing their weapon.

There’s little time to waste. Albert Einstein has been tasked by the British king to ready his new radiological bombs for combat. With a squad of zeppelins prepared to deliver the weapons over the sea, his inventions could bring the war to a swift close, putting American once again under the control of an overseas tyrant.

When Tesla agrees and ultimately succeeds, his vision of a world without bloodshed appears poised to come true. Instead of men fighting their nation’s battles, machines will settle disputes with no loss of blood on either side. But first, Beowulf must drive the British troops from US soil before death rains from the skies.

FATE-OF-NATIONS-LOGOAlong the way, Tesla’s old feud with Edison fuels a power grab that threatens the project. An assassination plot against Einstein goes terribly wrong. Tesla finds an ally in Savannah Browning, the civilian liaison to the army’s weapons projects, but her past connections to the British may prove insurmountable.

With British forces mounting, the fight ultimately leads to a final battle in Boston, where once again, Bunker Hill becomes a pivotal place in US history.

The first in the Fate Of Nations series, Einstein Must Die! is a fast-paced adventure through an alternate history, where genius, greed and ego are as relevant to the final outcome as bombs and bullets.

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Einstein Must Die! has a 4 star rating on Amazon with over 100 reviews.

Fate of Nations is a page-turner. Readers will be pulled into this alternative-history novel set against the backdrop of a twentieth-century war being fought on US soil. It won’t take long before they’ll be rooting for a supersized tank with a human mind. Chris Kohout has an amazing gift for storytelling.” – CreateSpace

“This novel was so totally off the wall I could not put it down! Well plotted, well written, it moves right along! I loved it!! If you have any imagination whatsoever you will, too.” – Review by John C. Howes

“Chris Kohout’s Einstein Must Die! is one of those books unlike any other – as a fellow author, I say that with a note of admiration. It’s too easy to re-tell the same old stories, but Chris does an outstanding job of creating a steampunk/sci fi/historical novel featuring real-life characters (e.g., Winston Churchill, Albert Einstein, Nikola Tesla) put into an alternate historical timeline. The characters are a combination of their true personalities and a bit of zaniness. Of course, the tank fitted with a human brain is pure genius. The central story line is one of war between the US and Britain, as those imperialists try to reclaim their lost colony. The story flows well, and the characters are fascinating (and more than a little entertaining). Excellent work!” – Review by Arthur Bradley

“A great, epic, global story. Epic in Approach, Intimate in Scope. A quick read, lots of action. It is based on reality, and the hooks are so clever it can be difficult to determine were the sci and the fi converge in this sci-fi tale.” – Review by Legba

Einstein Must Die! was a just plain wonderful read. The characters and motifs are scrambled together from the past two centuries or more, mixing redcoats with Churchill, nuclear weapons with dirigibles, fitting a tank with a human brain and more. And somehow it all makes sense! The book is of the exciting non-put-downable variety, every bit a thriller. I loved it!” – Review by Patricia Austin