coverSmallWelcome to the near future, where law enforcement has evolved and been given new powers to more efficiently deal with crime. Attorneys are judge, jury and executor in one. Police officers are free to investigate and apprehend at will. Working together as a pair, they are called Lawgivers.

Like all attorneys, Sarah Jordan delivers justice with a katana blade. For first felony offenses, the criminal’s hand is run through with the sword, and her attorney’s ID is burned into the skin. The resulting scar is the telltale sign of a felon and easily seen in a handshake. Second offenses result in the same to the other hand. Third offenses are through the heart.

ilsWhen a young girl stumbles into their office after witnessing her father’s murder, Sarah and her cop partner Robert seek the murderer but soon find they’re on the trail of a vast conspiracy that revolves around a new drug that vaccinates against all genetic diseases.

Going up against its creator, Integrated Life Sciences, would be the case of a lifetime. But against ILS and its shadowy backers, even the law offers little protection.

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